Free Halloween Costume Advice

Here’s what you do…

Get a lot of people dressed almost, but not quite, like Waldo. Wait for the meltdown.

Sexy founding fathers.

Plain black or white outfit: minimalism.

Wear a suit with a flag pin: President Obama. Or other political leader of your choice. As a friend of mine pointed out last night, you can make up a Senator to dress as. Who’s going to call you on it?

Pine scent. Or your other favorite scent.

Hollow out the guitar you never did learn to play and wear it as an armadillo shell.

Get a bear outfit and put a rolled up yoga mat in a picnic basket. If you really want to get frisky, add a baseball bat.

The invisible soul.

Reflection. Wear anything. Mimic everything everyone does. Bonus points for also repeating sounds and words.

A functional Tiny Library.

Anyone who wants to go as Cultural Appropriation is welcome to my headscarf, backward cap, fringey woven sweater, silk sari, gold chain, big turquoise and eagle earrings, yoga pants, and moccasin slippers. Wow, that was frightfully easy to pull out of my closet.

Jim Beam/Captain Morgan/the Kool Aid man/ somebody from a logo besides the Morton Salt Girl.

Inspiration: wear flowy layers and pin on pretty leaves, shiny trinkets, sketches, and poems.
And, hey, maybe it’ll come to you.




I, personally, will be going as rain.





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