Christians, Stop Throwing the First Stone (A Comic)

Today I am struck (pun intended) by how eager people are to point what everyone else is doing wrong. According to their own values, that is.

Specifically, I heard about another group of protesters standing outside a Planned Parenthood to scare and shame women away.

In what possible mind frame does it make sense that this is somehow helping those women or leading to a better society? Not in any form of Christianity that wants to follow WWJD.

See, I don’t remember a lot of verses that say “Go out and judge people. You’re the best!” Or “now go forth as God’s deputy and enforce your interpretation of His values!”

Instead, there’s a lot of the opposite.

Today I’m thinking of John 8:7, which in the NIV version shows Jesus saying “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.”

Please note that no one threw a stone.

Christians, show a little love and compassion. Or at least self-awareness of your own failures. And put down your goddamned stones.

Pun intended.


This kind of thing is using the Bible to justify it but taking out Jesus’ whole grounding in compassion, forgiveness, and easing suffering. What Would Jesus See if he went to Planned Parenthood when it was being picketed? Nothing good.

If you really want to convince women not to get abortions, then show them the love and support they’d need to make a different decision. Use your time and energy to decrease unwanted pregnancies before they happen. Use your voice to get what you think is right to happen, not to hurt those who you think are doing something wrong.

Holding up hate-filled signs says a lot more about you the strangers you’re trying to use them to judge.

Also, as you may have noticed, it doesn’t work the way you want it to. Has anyone been recruited to Jesus or Christian values through open hate? Meanwhile, I know at least two people who saw your signs today and decided to donate to Planned Parenthood instead.

Note: I didn’t see these protesters today to see whether or not they were identifying as Christian. But here’s the sad realization I had: I’ve never noticed anyone picketing Planned Parenthood for any reason other than so-called Christian values at work. What a weak, thin version of Christianity that represents. That is what makes me ashamed and afraid.


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